Thursday, June 12, 2008


This weeks IF topic is Forgotten. Here is what I did ...
Pa and Uncle Jeb went out to check the horse herd and JW was FORGOTTEN!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Here is a drawing I saw posted on IF for BABY and I just had to try him for myself. I am not the greatest at faces but I am determined to get better. Anyway ... here he is.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Now this one I have been working on for well over a year but added to it since my oldest son got married I added his wife as "Lady" and they are expecting a baby in Jan so I added Russ pulling a large egg which symbolizes Baby B.

I entered this one for IF Baby!

Here is my IF for Worried. I enjoyed this Guy. He is out of one of my favorite Children's books. Isn't he too cute.

A few more Meeces in pieces...

Here is one I did just to do. I am loving the fact that I am getting these mice drawings down pretty good. They are so adorable to me.

This one is for IF HEAVY. Now I did this and then added color. I am working on my shading again but it isn't the greatest. I am still working on that hehee

This is the Illustration I drew for Illustration Friday (aka: IF) Wedding. I know it is a little gray but back then I didn't know how to change that. I have learned since then. :-)

I would like to open my blog by listing my past drawings for Illustration Friday.

My Illustration Friday entry for CAR. Now I am a Mouse finatic as you will see throughout this blog, so I decided to take this little gal and place her in her cheese mobile.
What do ya think? Fancytail?