Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Nail Diva

I went and had my nails done today.. just to spoil myself a bit and then I had time to kill so I decided to sketch this lil gal!...

Monday, June 14, 2010

Can you guess who

Yup Danny Kaye. My first attempt at cartooning from a portrait!

Disney Aristacats

I just love doin these lil guys! Aren't they just so mischieveous!

bookmark swap

I created these for a bookmark swap. I used my partners profiles to create something they would enjoy!

Alphabet for Life K and L

Keeping up with the Alphabet of Life series. Here are mine for K and L

Pinnocchio and cleo

Pinnocchio and Cleo made for a swap. I sooo love pinnocchio.

Richard Scary

Here are two atc's I did for the Richard Scary Themed swap.

Acrylic ATC

Here is my first attempt at Acrylic Atc's. My partners stated that she loved the beach and castles so I combined the two to come up with this....