Thursday, May 21, 2009

My lil Iya Lee

This is a portrait I did of my sweet little overgrown tea cup poodle. She is my life (if only she didn't bark so much :-(....)

Now just to figure out how to color this..... she is white with a bit of chocolate. I will post if I can get it right!


A dear friend suggested a background instead of coloring Iya (pumpkin) herself, so this is what I came up with.... I LIKE IT! :-) Thanks Laur.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

an attempt at a Self portrait

Well, I have been trying to work on people (in an animated way) for the past couple weeks and here is one that I have finished. I used a photo of myself from when I was 26...

I think the eyes are too big..... oh well., still working.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Well that concludes my drawing a day for APRIL.
Now to color them all. I am working on watercolor washes and such so maybe they will turn out ok.
Thanks for stopping in to check them out.
Have a great MONTH OF MAY!!!

Day #30

I created this one for the front of a reusable grocery bag.

Day #29

I did this one for my Daughter in law... she loves elephants

Day #28

Day #27

Here is postcard #2

Day #26

I have to send off a few horse postcards this week and this is one that I came up with.

Day #25

I have been practicing hands for my new childrens book ... boy do I need to keep practicing.

Day #24

I was drawing my DH as he was waiting for a procedure at the hospital. I can't wait to finish this one... color, finish the wall paper., ect.

Trying to get the rest of Aprils postings done ~ Day 23

Here is what I have for day 23

I was trying a color test so I just drew these up real quick. I am really not happy with how it turned out so................ back to the drawing board.