Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Illustration Friday ~ Climb

I did this a while back when making recipe postcards. I thought it would go great for this weeks illustration friday. The theme being ~ CLIMB

Muzzie is ready to dive in for a feast!!

Oodles of Doodles

I was sitting in the lobby of the Dr. office today board out of my mind so I decided to doodle. Well, one doodle lead to another and another. (Yes I was waiting a long long time) Here is what I did, this is just the ink drawing....
This was a portrait of an old man smoking a pipe. I am not real pleased with it, but I am working on real life portraits trying to get better at them.Here he is with a little color.
These are two lil chickadee's sitting on some evergreen branches. I really like how they turned out. Now if I can add color to them without ruining them. hehehe

Here is a little fire place theme. The Dr. office still had their holiday decorations up and that is what inspired this sketch.
Here this one is colored...

Now to add color to the chickadees. Hope you will come back to see them colored!

Have a great night.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mmmm the owl spots his prey

Here is another postcard I have to send off. I hope the person receiving it will be please.

New postcards

Here are a few of my latest postcards that I have done for swaps. Some of the ones I did over the Christmas season didn't make it to their destinations so these will take their place. I loved the ones I did the first time (view it here) but these are, well., alright too. Sure hope they make it this time.

On the angel there is clear glitter wings and the on the Snowman the tree is glittery also.
Happy traveling friends.............

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Inspire Me Thursday

Heather reminded me of a drawing I did awhile back when I heard that my Daughter in law loved elephants. January 1st's Inspire me Thursday theme was Elephants so here is my post for that...
I saw this on wallpaper for a babies bedroom and just thaught it was so cute! I think I might just put it on a blanket for my new lil Grandson!